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Department of Mathematics


Public Defence of Doctoral Thesis - Lydie Mpinganzima, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Lydie Mpinganzima presents her thesis "Iterative Methods for Solving the Cauchy Problem for the Helmholtz Equation" on Friday, 9 May at 1.15 pm in ACAS, building A, Campus Valla. Opponent is Professor Daniel Lesnic, University of Leeds, United Kingdom.

Public Defence of Doctoral Thesis - Lukáš Malý, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Lukáš Malý presents his thesis "Sobolev-Type Spaces: Properties of Newtonian Functions Based on Quasi-Banach Function Lattices" on Tuesday, 27 May at 10.15 am in Nobel (BL32), building B, Campus Valla. Opponent is Andrea Cianchi, University of Florence.


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Research School in Interdisciplinary mathematics

The postgraduate programme is intended for students with a strong mathematical interest who also want to work actively with a problem that is clearly connected to an applied subject/science.

Collaboration with Rwanda

The Department of Mathematics participates in a Sida funded project with the National University of Rwanda (NUR) which involves MSc and PhD training at NUR.

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